Mamba Blockchain Development Framework

Pythonic Framework to Build 💰 Programmable Money, 🏦 Decentralized Finance Applications, and Many More.



Mamba is a framework to write, compile, and deploy smart contracts written in Vyper language and Solidity language. You can also create and test decentralized applications using with this framework.
$ python3 -m venv virtual-environment $ source virtual-environment/bin/activate (virtual-environment) $ pip install wheel (virtual-environment) $ pip install black-mamba


Install solc compiler if you want to work on Solidity files.

What can you build with Mamba?

Programmable Money
You want to send money to your cousin but the money must be spent on self-improvement (education). Your cousin can only spend your money on education merchants (Udemy, Codecademy, Udacity, etc) but not for other merchants (nightclubs, fast-food restaurants).

Decentralized Finance (DeFi) Applications
You want to build a finance application where people can borrow and lend assets (such as tokens, bond, loyalty points, etc). Without middlemen.

Transparent and Honest Programs

You open a news website (something like New York Times) where it shows most read articles. The website claims that the first article has been read for 10,000 times. How do you know this number is true and not made up by the backend administrator? You can't.

Mamba enables you to build an auditable, transparent, and honest application.

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