About Mamba

The story behind Mamba

While writing about a book about Python programming on top of Ethereum platform, I noticed Python blockchain ecosystem was pale compared to JavaScript blockchain ecosystem. Python ecosystem did not have something polished like Truffle and Ganache. So I decided to write a blockchain framework for Python programmers.

If Truffle is Solidity+Web3.js, Mamba is Vyper+Web3.py.

Mamba website will be a website for blockchain programmers to learn about blockchain programming. How do you build something like Compound? How do you build something like CryptoKitties?

My name is Arjuna Sky Kok and I hope you enjoy my creation. Build something cool with Mamba and you will make me happy.

Soon I will setup Mamba support forum in Gitter but for now if you have any problem with Mamba, just email me directly:

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