Using Infura

Infura can be used to speed up development

If you want to connect to the mainnet, you need to have a full blockchain node. You can use Geth or Parity. But there is other way, which is using Infura. Go to Infura website. Register an account then create a new project. You would get project ID and project secret.

Infura Screenshot

Your in Mamba project must look like this:

networks = {
    "development": {
        "mode": "Infura",
        "scheme": "https",
        "endpoints": "mainnet"

infura_settings = {
    "project_id": "FILL_IT_WITH_PROJECT_ID",
    "project_secret": "FILL_IT_WITH_PROJECT_SECRET",

"scheme" can be "https" or "wss". "endpoints" can be "mainnet" or "kovan" or "rinkeby" or other network. Don't forget to fill "project_id" and "project_secret" with the values you got from Infura website.